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Whiplash Chiropractic

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Whiplash Chiropractic

What is whiplash?

The term “whiplash” refers to an injury to the neck and spine that typically results from an auto accident described as a rear-impact incident or being rear-ended. The person in the vehicle which gets hit from behind is the one most likely to suffer an injury of this nature. The term whiplash stems from the action of the head when the car is hit from behind. Your head flies forward and then snaps back like the action of a whip. Doctors view whiplash injuries as sprains or strains of the neck.

Chiropractic care helps whiplash patients

Over 10 years ago, studies were being conducted regarding whiplash and treating cases using chiropractic care. The Journal of Orthopedic Medicine published the results of one of those studies which revealed how well chiropractic care helped patients suffering with chronic whiplash. Additionally, it also examined which type of chronic patient responded the best to the type of chiropractic care being administered. The study revealed that 26 out of 28 patients benefited from the treatment.

The report didn’t address the question of whether or not chiropractic care helped patients with chronic whiplash. Rather the study addressed the issue of which patients that were suffering with chronic whiplash would benefit from chiropractic treatments. The authors of the study interviewed 100 chronic whiplash patients, 7 being lost to follow-up and found that of the 93 patients remaining, 69 of them or 74% show signs of improvement after a month long treatment regimen.

In summary, the primary result of the study indicated that chiropractic care does benefit chronic whiplash sufferers. Although there were those patients in the initial study group above who felt that they didn’t benefit from the treatments, a clear majority of them did and in some cases they improved by as many as two symptom grades. Even more importantly, a small percentage of the patients became asymptomatic (showing no evidence of symptoms).

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