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Chiropractic Articles

Spinal Disc Healthcare

I use an aggressive but gentle approach to controlling back pain in the neck or lower back. It starts with evaluating your back with x-ray and MRI findings as well as an examination. Once we have disc... Read More

Simple Version of Chiropractic Care

A normal spine can be described as follows: In summary, a healthy spine is one that has mobility, proper alignment and no pressure on the nerves as they exit from between the spinal bones and go to a... Read More

Sports injury chiropractic

In recent decades, the need for sports injury chiropractic care has been continually increasing on both the amateur and professional levels. There is a number of reasons for so much attention being p... Read More

Whiplash Chiropractic

What is whiplash? The term “whiplash” refers to an injury to the neck and spine that typically results from an auto accident described as a rear-impact incident or being rear-ended. The person... Read More

Chiropractic Fibromyalgia

What is Chiropractic Fibromyalgia? After osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia is an illness most commonly related to arthritis. It is a rheumatic condition which is oftentimes misdiagnosed and very misund... Read More

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Introduction Chiropractic care has grown substantially from its roots in America in Iowa to become a key part of the health care system in the United States. It has grown because it provides numer... Read More

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chiropractor article

chiropractic article