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Corporate Wellness Speaking Event

Start participating in corporate speaking events at companies in your area to promote wellness and generate referrals to expand your practice! This innovative marketing program will help you to yield high referral rates. Chiropractors Nationwide are signing up and locking in their zip codes. This Event booking service has low fees and no long term contracts. We take your information and match it to our vast list of qualified businesses in your area. We coordinate a convenient date and time with the matched company.

  Excellent referral rates
 All Insured employees
  Min 15 employees per event

chiropractic marketing

Chiropractic Marketing

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* Corporate Wellness Speaking Events are not a free service. It is a pay per event fee. Current participants average a 35 - 75% new patient sign up rate after event completion. For more details complete the short form.

chiropractic marketing

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